West Houston Assistance Ministries carries out Christ’s command to love and provide for those in need. We are a model of Christian service by providing resources to the community and ministering support families. WHAM serves between 27,000 and 32,000 families annually with rental and utility assistance, food, clothing, employment services and financial help.

Our Mission

Founded in 1982 by several local places of worship, WHAM, saw a need to provide for the needy who came through their church doors seeking assistance. The service area is outlined by zip-code, currently has a poverty level of over 19%. Our goal is to help families in crisis and preventing being forced from their homes or going hungry.

WHAM provides basic needs and skill training but promotes self sufficiency for families. All of our services are free and we strive to care for all ages, religious backgrounds, and languages spoken. Everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive.

The generosity of our partners and donors allow WHAM to provide help and hope for over 27, 000 people in the community annually. Volunteers give their time and passion. Over 300 volunteers donate 45,000 hours to bring services to community families and neighbors.

"WHAM serves over 32,000 individuals annually."
"We distributed over 400 tons of food last year. "
"We provided toys to over 1100 children at Christmas."