Every donation you make helps us provide critical basic needs to individuals and families in need! 
With your gifts, WHAM is able to give food and clothing, help with rent, mortgage or utilities to prevent eviction and homelessness, and provide employment and education resources to promote self-sufficiency.  Your gifts also help offset a portion of the costs of running our programs and operations.

And this holiday season, we'll be again providing gift cards and dinner components to families in need so that they can prepare their own holiday meal, and we'll provide gift cards for the homeless to buy a meal. Everyone should be able to enjoy this special time of the year and not miss out because of their economic situation.  We'll also be providing toys and gift cards to the children of struggling families so that they can also open a few gifts like other children around Houston and the world.

Thank you for your support that makes it possible for us to help others, and may God bless you!