Q: What is WHAM?

West Houston Assistance Ministries (WHAM) is a 501c3 non-profit Christian based organization that started in 1982 to help families in need.

Q: What happens to families in need?

Our families often face economic or workforce hardships only to find themselves unable to pay for basic essentials. As a result, WHAM provides rental and utility assistance as well as supplement families with basic needs through our food pantry.

Q: How does WHAM operate?

WHAM’s operating expenses are primarily funded through proceeds from Second Blessing Resale Store. Our Client Services and food pantry relies on donations from local food chains, independant donations and some grants.

Q: How much time does it take to be a volunteer?

Once potential volunteers goes through our orientation, volunteers are then assigned to different departments at the agency. Volunteers are then trained and a schedule is established. Volunteers are asked to work a minimum of 2 hours once a week.

Q: What are WHAM’s goals?

Our goal is to support members of the community with financial resources that prevent homelessness, provide food for the hungry, and helping families be self-reliant. WHAM assesses the needs in our community to determine if further programs would benefit families.