Second Blessing Store Volunteer Opportunities

Current Opportunities Available


1) Help sort, hang and tag clothing that is donated.

2) Help price and tag designer clothing.

3) Need volunteer to work in the kids area sorting, tagging and hanging clothes. Replenishing the

kids clothing area every day with new items and cleaning up the sales floor.

4) Replenish the sales area with new clothing daily, cleaning up racks and removing empty hangers.

5) Placing any damaged, soiled or torn clothing in recycle bags for pick up.

6) Filling recycle truck with all bagged recycled clothing.

7) End of every month sort out tagged clothing for 25 cent sidewalk sale.


1) Place shoes on racks as they come into the store. Remove any old, damaged or any shoes

missing a pair into recycle bags.

2) Determine what shoes qualify for designer booth. Any designer label or shoes that are brand

new showing no wear.

3) Spray all shoes with foot spray to remove odor or germs.

4) Replenish all shoes racks in store with shoes and remove any shoes that have not sold for


5) Prepare shoe racks for sale and wheel racks out to sidewalk.


1) Examine all purses to determine if they are designer, regular or if they need to be placed in

recycle due to wear and /or damage.

2) Place all designer bags into Store Manager’s Office.

3) Help price and tag regular purses for sale in the store.


1) Assist in helping the receiving clerk accept donations from donors.

2) Place all donations in the designated areas provided.

3) Help customers place furniture in their cars.

4) Assist in placing furniture in the store for sale.


1) Assist Van and Ruth Penrod with spraying pillows and comforters.

2) Help them to record items sprayed and place in the store for sale.


1) Need a volunteer to man the designer booth. Clean shelves and organize purses and shoes in a

pleasing manner to attract customers.

2) Assist Store Manager in pricing shoes and purses to be placed in the booth.


1) Assist cashiers with bagging housewares and wrap breakables for customers.

2) Show jewelry to customers, bag and label and unlock jewelry cases for viewing.

3) Put carts (full of new housewares) out on shelves for sale.


1) Clean shelving, sort and rearrange all of the above in a pleasing manner for sale purposes.


1) Assist Halina in pricing, sorting and arranging books on the shelves for sale.


1) Assist Store Manager with pricing and displaying jewelry. Enter information on Excel spread



1) Assist Store Manager in researching the value of paintings and other valuables that are donated

to the store. Clean, prepare and price for sale.


1) Learn the value of store items from the present pricers, John and Ruth, and assist in pricing

items for sale in the store.

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